(sign up as a volunteer at TJANSEPLANEN)
WannaDance is based solely on volunteer work, and we can always use more hands and heads.

For each event, a certain number of volunteers are needed.
To decorate, welcome people at the door, serve in the bar, and of course close down and say goodbye and goodnight.

In between events, there is ongoing work in booking DJs, creating events, checking venues and sound, spreading the good news (PR), doing accounting & budgeting – and finding volunteers for Tjanseplanen.

The typical tasks are:

  • Set-up 16-18:30 (usually pizza at 18:00, if we’re done)
  • The door 18:15-21 (22) tasks divided into 1 hour (the first 1:45 hour, while there’s workshop)
  • The bar 19:45-23:15 tasks divided into 1-1½ hour (the first task with some preparation, the last one with some closing down)
  • Clean-up 23-24:00 (Sune delivers to “Nettolager” storehouse one of the following days)

If you generally want to lend a hand or a head, send an email to: IWannaHelp@WannaDance.dk


Here you can take a task at the next event!
to sign up for a task

Send an email to iWannaHelp@WannaDance.dk if you’re having trouble, with your Name & Phone and Task-wish.

In addition to signing up for a Task
you can join the general WannaDance Volunteers Facebook group.
Here, dance evenings will obviously be posted,
but also eventual special events for WannaDance Volunteers.

IWannaHelp@WannaDance.dk Send Mail